Donata Wenders Collection

The Donata Wenders collection comprises six photographic digital editions that evoke an arresting atmosphere. Concentrating as much on the scene as on the drama and detail outside of the picture frame, the images are the artist’s invitation to the audience to engage with new narratives. Taking pictures in variable levels of light, the way Wenders captures detail draws attention to her intuitive way of working and to how her approach shapes the panorama of her prints. Photographs like The River (2006) and Malecon I (1998) show us that Wenders appears to anticipate her pictures as though feeling her way through the dark, in order to seize the light as a mise-en-scène. In contrast, works like Cabdriver (2003) and In The Wind (2009) are beholden to a constructed narrative that places the audience at the centre of an evolving scene. In all circumstances, Wenders appears to inhale details and press them home, as an impressive act of alchemy.