Chimera is a digital edition released by Doug Foster for Sedition as part of the Sanctuary Spaces collection. The work is derived from a large scale digital film installation which was created for Lazarides' The Minotaur exhibition at The Old Vic Tunnels in 2011. It was inspired by the mysterious process of metamorphosis and by our continuing exploration of the genetic soup in which we all swim. It is a sister film to The Heretics’ Gate and contrasts with that work in many ways while sharing the same soundtrack.

One of the cavernous Victorian brick vaults was flooded to create a reflecting pool for the twenty foot high arched screen. The glowing, aquatic spectacle drew viewers from the dark tunnels like moths to a flame.

The score is by UNKLE (J Lavelle, P Clements and J Griffith).

2019. UHD colour - stereo sound. 9’40” seamless loop.


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