Islands of the Blessed

Islands of the Blessed is an audiovisual work by Doug Foster, that is made up of 10 editions + 1 Artist Proof. In classical mythology, the Islands of the Blessed were a paradise on earth where favoured mortals were received by the gods. Doug Foster's short film The Islands of the Blessed scans a procession of landscapes that have been sculpted by increasingly mechanised cultures. It documents humankind’s transformation of our planet’s natural topography. The kaleidoscope-like imagery and the soundscape of the work evokes memories of both life in the city and in nature, taking viewers into a deep meditation.

This film is the 4K remastered version of Foster's exhibition piece, that was originally made in 2011 and was one of five projections shown on a fourteen metre wide screen at Foster’s No Beginning, No End exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall in 2014.


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