OVUM is a moving image artwork by Doug Foster, inspired by the phenomenon of human procreation. The ovum, the female reproductive cell, divides after fertilization to initiate a miraculous chain reaction, building the embryo of a new life.

OVUM focuses on the symmetry inherent in this process. It depicts a human figure, representing the 'mother' nucleus within a cell, which bisects itself to form two identical 'daughter' nuclei. The cell then forms a dividing wall, isolating the 'daughters' within separate compartments, before splitting into two complete cells. This cycle resumes in each new cell.

Crafted with a straightforward approach, the film juxtaposes a performer with kaleidoscopic lighting effects to simulate the transparent appearance of cells under a microscope, capturing the essence of this fundamental biological process.

Performer - Amber Doyle
Makeup Artist - Deanna V’lcevska
Hair Stylist - Diana Asherson
Music ‘Blackout’ - UNKLE

Original version commissioned in 2012 by Protein for Random Acts on Channel 4


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