The Heretics' Gate

The Heretics' Gate is a digital edition released by Doug Foster for Sedition as part of the Sanctuary Spaces collection. The piece is derived from Foster's large scale digital film installation of the same name, which was made in 2010 and was inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. The Heretics’ Gate represents Dante’s entry point into the Sixth Circle of Hell, where non-believers burn for eternity in furnace-like tombs. The fiery, ectoplasmic forms were created with liquid and light.

In 2011 the film dominated the Neo-Gothic nave of St. Michael’s Church in Camden at a Daydreaming With… exhibition, curated by James Lavelle. The twenty foot high arched screen and thirty foot long reflecting pool echoed and mirrored the soaring stone architecture, while burning frankincense infused the space with a magical atmosphere.

The score is by UNKLE (J Lavelle, P Clements and J Griffith).

2019. UHD colour - stereo sound. 9’40” seamless loop


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