Drazen Jerkovic

Zagreb, Croatia
I am a self-taught artist who was born and live in Zagreb, Croatia. As soon as the computer came into my family (in 2006) I discovered graphics as my passion. After three years of researching expanses of the Internet, I have discovered the fractal images that have enchanted me. When I created my first image, my fractal journey has started and still exists. Through the years I realized that I am “a fractal” like everything around me and that's why I wrote my own definition: "I am “a fractal” and everything around me is absolutely fractal". I find inspiration for all my images all around me and I’m always trying to present it as simple as it's possible by using minimal forms. http://www.espaciobyte.org/espaciobyte.php?cat=100 http://sundaymay.deviantart.com/ https://drazenjerkovic.see.me/

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