The third piece in a growing collection entitled vaporous_legacy which explores the permanence of a temporary existence.

Our perception of the world around us often mirrors our perception of ourselves. We spotlight grand moments of our lives in magnified (and often distorted) declarations. Yet life is a vapor that appears for a little while, then vanishes. When the mist clears, will the glory evaporate too?

This artwork was created entirely digitally on mobile computing devices yet exists solely as the result of the artist's direct manual input and artistry. From the fluidic flourishes to the the crystalline spheres to the mirrored landscapes, every component was designed and placed purposefully. This interplay between the human artist and computerized technology—curated pixels, if you will—serves to infuse deeper meaning into what may otherwise be considered mundane or impersonal.

[Year] 2020

[Medium] Digital

[Releases] Sedition Exclusive


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