Emily Burridge is a cellist, composer, and producer who deftly uses improvisational and compositional skills to create fluid genre-crossing music, often used for documentaries and soundtracks. Working as a performer with both solo and collaborative productions, she utilises modern sampling and looping technology which enables her to record harmonies and recreate her multi-tracked compositions live.

Burridge gained a scholarship to a specialist music school, the Wells Cathedral School, as well as to the Royal College of Music in London, where she was awarded the Helen Just Concerto Prize. Her album productions to date include: Compositions & Meditations (2017), Earth Songs, Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon (2010), Bridge Between Worlds (2006), Footsteps in the Sand (1998), (1994, re-released 2004). Collaborative release on Lift Library music label Water & Stone(2019), Digital single releases inc: (2021), Sisters in the Forest (coinciding with her performance presentation at Cop 26), Pastoral Light (2022) Her live productions as a soloist include, Bach & Music From Out of the Blue, From Bach to the Amazon and, Mellow Cello Sessions for special events . She also performs as a guest cellist with various bands including Philip Clemo’s Dream Maps.

Photo by Nikoletta Monyok