The Meditations Collection by Emily Burridge features exclusive musical compositions created from her unique location recordings from France to Brazil. Offered exclusively on Sedition as a collection of three limited edition audio works with a cover image selected by the artist, Meditations is comprised of Mass In Memoria, and Prayer For The Rivers taken in France, inspired by the sonic acoustics of a cathedral, as well as tribal singing from the Amazon in Proclamation Into the Amazon. The collection showcases her varied improvisational and compositional sound work. Often working with the sonic acoustics of structure and ambience of a location to create a dialogue with her cello recordings, Burridge is fascinated with the resonances of specific notes, harmony and dischord within spaces.

Exploring ancient sacred spaces where dimensions of structure and music are intrinsically linked, she plays off their natural amplification to focus her pieces around the dialogue that unfurls. This collection presents the artist’s work as a cellist, composer and sound recorder which hold personal and emotionally-charged memories close to her.

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