Skyline 1

The circumstances that inspired Skyline 1 are recorded in a diary entry from the day Enzo Roff made the piece, in July 2010:

"This afternoon I took the ferry to New Jersey to make a piece of work capturing the Manhattan skyline. It was blisteringly hot. I setup the camera first on a piece of waste ground by the huge clock. I got a great shot of the financial district, where the twin-towers used to be. There was no shelter so I roasted in the heat. After one twelve minute shot, I had to move on. I found a spot with a clear view of Midtown, the Empire State in the centre of the shot. There was constant activity on the river so I am really looking forward to seeing the footage. After about twenty minutes of filming an old guy sitting on a bench nearby said to me “dis your hobby?” in a broad New Jersey accent. “No, work” I replied. “Some job” he said after a very long pause, and you know, he had a point."

This is the first work in the series exploring horizontal lines in the natural world. As with most of Roff’s work, the piece forms a perpetual loop; when the sequence is repeated, it appears to continue seamlessly forever. The work has no soundtrack, a decision made in order to avoid detracting from the drama of the visual. Post production in Da Vinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects.


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