Still Life 11

Still Life 11 was made by Enzo Roff after the artist spent time in the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, France and was particularly struck by the beauty of the traditional floral still lives. Roff was particularly interested in the work of Henri Fantin-Latour and, inspired by this work, began exploring moving still life images, using moving image to introduce kinetic energy that is impossible to capture in paint.

This work sets out to include and emphasise ephemeral elements that are impossible to paint. The clouds slowly cross the sky framed outside the window as the candle flickers in the draft of a very old house.

As with all Roff’s work, it is possible to seamlessly repeat this image, creating an unnoticeable infinite and continuous loop.

As with all my work, it is possible to seamlessly repeat this image so creating a totally unnoticeable infinite and continuous loop.

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