Joker Shuffle

Ergin Çavuşoğlu’s short video work Joker Shuffle, 2013, comments on a contextual aspect of Marcel Duchamp’s work Monte Carlo Bond. The latter are eight bonds that Duchamp issued in 1924 (even though the artist had intended to originally issue 30). They were meant to raise money to fund Duchamp’s system of playing - and winning at roulette, which he was testing in Monte Carlo the same year.

Joker Shuffle remarks directly on the photo-collaged portrait of Duchamp taken by Man Ray, which was superimposed onto an image of a roulette table illustrated in the centre of the bond. In the image, Duchamp’s face is covered in shaving leather and his features are barely recognisable while his hair is styled “into two devilish-looking horns”. The cards in Joker Shuffle are thrown sideways extending like horns rather than shuffling inwards.

Ergin Çavuşoğlu lives and works in London.


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