Prosomiosis is the Greek word for simulation; the term refers to the simulation of reality and its phenomena. Eva Papamargariti’s video work Prosomiosis is comprised of 3D rendered animated scenes. In creating and compiling these scenes, Papamargariti attempts to create a fictitious digital environment inspired by geometries and patterns that can be found in the natural world. These natural geometries and forms are re-constructed and re-presented as fragments of a virtual ecosystem that could be extracted from the world of dreams and imagination. Paradox runs through the work; it can be found in the digital representation of nature, and in the tension between the wildly unfurling forms and the decisions made to arrange, order and shape them. The intangible materiality of the rendered objects, textures and sounds in the Prosomiosis project build an abstract syntax of organic digital elements that exist on the threshold of actuality and fiction and provoke thoughts on the constantly changing synthesis of fiction and material reality.

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