C I N E M A . A V - What began as a love of photography, cinema and found footage grew into something much greater when in 2015, Evan Henry was introduced to video circuit-bending and once-obsolete video electronics. Using these pieces in a live performance setting was always the goal, and from the get-go, tachyons boxes, vcrs, and video mixers turned into buying a used standalone video synthesizer, building its expanders and just over a year later, the LZX line of DIY eurorack modules, for a cross-pollination of analog, digital, and oscillographic processes. From there, video art went from beyond a hobby, to a complete way of life. Reliant on live performance, He gigs relentlessly for both local, and touring artists alike. In 2018, Henry joined Ghostly Intl.’s Steve Hauschildt on a tour through the East Coast and Canada. Though in 2019, became the resident visual artist for Proton Limited in Dallas, Texas. These motions set the stage for a constantly evolving motion in the live visual dimension. His work extends itself to instant and 35mm film renderings and has appeared in galleries and pop-up’s throughout North Texas. But when not playing live, or coordinating visuals for Dallas Ambient Music Nights, Henry occasionally writes for various publications or builds video electronics for fellow artists. The result is an infinitely growing body of work, that in the last few years has expanded itself into largely digital dimensions in Resolume Arena and Max/Msp.

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