Cycle 08

Cycle 08 is one of ten generative video artworks comprising the Deeptime-1 collection by FIELD. DeepTime-1 is a series of remarkable video artworks, which stems from FIELD's immersive and interactive performances of simulated visual natures. This special collection marks the first release by FIELD on Sedition since 2014.

In their new work DeepTime-1, FIELD explores the concept of time through digital simulations of nature in what appears as aerial views of ever changing, large scale digital morphing landscapes. Inspired by the 'hyperobject theory' which is first introduced by Timothy Morton in his book Hyperobjects to describe entities of such vast temporal and spatial dimensions that they defeat traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place, the piece is a subsconscious manifestation of the many questions that move the creative studio.

"Why is it that we as supposedly advanced human civilisation are so unable to deal adequately with the biggest threat to our future: the unfolding of the global climate crisis?

According to hyperobject theory, it’s because these issues are so massive and distributed over time and physical space that they simply escape human perception and thus our ability to understand and react accordingly. Maybe if we could transcend our human perspective for a moment and see and feel like our planet we could gain new insights?

Time itself is manipulated, accelerated and flows non-linearly to invite viewers to think differently about our position in these times of relentless ecological change we live in." - FIELD

As a large scale audiovisual installation, Deeptime has been shown only once in Shanghai in 2019, as part of TX HUAIHAI.

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