Forrest DePoy

South Bend, IN

Fleeing The Coffin Of My Mind (Remastered Edition)

Originally exhibited on September 18, 2007 on, Fleeing The Coffin Of My Mind is an abstract desktop wallpaper art piece utilizing found photography and Photoshop brushes. Carefully remastered using AI upscaling and digital preservation techniques, this piece is one of many in my personal vintage computer art exhibition series.

Inspired by Serj Tankian's song "Empty Walls", Fleeing The Coffin Of My Mind was my most popular entry into the art sphere. One reviewer, Ryzst, described the piece as having a "sense of mystery and a bit of danger to it. A great cosmic whirlpool spiraling down into an unseen black hole possibly. Very lovely and intriguing".

This piece actually required the most time to digitally restore! Outside of AI upscaling, this piece required some very careful color repair caused by banding and compression.


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