Disconnected Love

Disconnected Love is part of the Dead Machines collection by Francesca Fini.

As machines became aware, they also became mortal, worn out by the yearning awareness of existing in the world. However, a strange computer virus has turned them into zombies, and they now wander in a limbo of aimless electrical impulses and melancholic automatisms. This concept forms the basis of the captivating digital animation series, Dead Machines, that explores the intersection of technology and mortality.

Through a layered and complex creative process, the artist collaborates with artificial intelligence to breathe life into her vision. Each artwork begins with a digital or manual sketch, which is then subjected to Stable Diffusion to reimagine and reinterpret its essence. The artist guides the process with a textual prompt, resulting in a haunting collage of AI generations. The final step is to paint and rework everything using Photoshop or Procreate, before reconstructing and animating the artwork in a 3D space with the aid of After Effects and Blender. The resulting animations depict machines that have become self-aware but are now trapped in a limbo of aimless electrical impulses and melancholic automatisms due to a strange computer virus that has turned them into zombies. The artworks are a testament to the fragility of existence in the digital age and the poignant beauty of decay.


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