Narcissus Spaceship

Sedition is delighted to release A Dream in Stone, Francesca Fini's stunning new project that turns the amazing Renaissance frescoes of the Medieval castle, the Rocca Sinibalda Castle near Rome, into a cutting-edge digital art collection.

Narcissus Spaceship is one of 8 video artworks comprising the special collection A Dream in Stone by Francesca Fini. Each artwork in the collection is inspired by a key SciFi theme: Earth after the vanishing of humanity.

Live and discover the experience for yourselves! Everyone who purchases the full collection will receive a night stay in the Castle in the historic heart of Italy alongside the Eternal City. An inspirational and not-to-be-forgotten experience!*

"In the fourth video of the collection, I decided to build the Narcissus Spaceship, inspired by the classical myth depicted by Girolamo Muziano in one of the frescoes at the Rocca Sinibalda Castle. Narcissus ship is a bright platform suspended in a deep blue sky, all covered with shiny mirrors that constantly transform the structure under our eyes, as we approach the image of the young man kidnapped by his reflection. I reworked the depiction of Muziano as a stained-glass composition, to visually evoke the fragmentary nature of this very suggestive figure of classical mythology.

The image itself, the original one painted by Girolamo Muziano and inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses, will undergo further digital transformations during the video, until its inevitable disintegration: mirroring itself, reflecting itself in a glossy CGI scenario, or merging into surreal reworkings operated by guided artificial intelligence neural networks.."- Francesca Fini

*The campaign is valid until 31st of October.


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