MOISTURE is the last of five audiovisual 3D environments created as part of the MOOD E·LEV·EN collection by Francisco Telleria.

MOOD E-LEV-EN is an ongoing study started in 2020, which explores the emotions derived from grounded cognition perspective and how they are affected by the perception of the virtual space, music, and spatial soundscapes. To achieve the study, Francisco Telleria designed eleven interactive 3D environments, characterized by 11 grounded cognition perspectives which are defined as follows: Weight, Sharpness, Smoothness, Moisture, Temperature, Movement, Spatial Height, Mass, Strength, Brightness, and Thinking. Each 3D environment is structurally represented by its physical and audio properties, as well as its animation which is performed by reacting to Francisco´s original music or soundscapes across the piece. This collection presents the first five out of eleven virtual abstract spaces in the series.

This work explores how elements that suggest moisture can influence the perception of being either contained or covered by a liquid or a sense of humidity. Starting with the first shape, it gives rise to whirlpool-like vortices, which create a generative infinite set of stars that works as the contrasting element that divides space into two surfaces.

The first surface is taken by the previously described, and the second by the splashing drops, illustrated as the rain. This continuous set of falling drops performs as the connecting path that encloses the space, developing towards the end of the composition into an infinite liquid surface. The pulsating and laid-back accompanying piece of music composed by Francisco Telleria is dominated by lengthy and delayed guitars; the soundtrack provides the beat and underpins the illumination of the main tubular and circular base of the composition.

Finally, incorporated into the work is an array of sea elements such as small circular dots intended to characterize a curious school of fish, which helps to give more context to the concept. The two opposite areas (vortex and sea surfaces) when visually connected, support the eye to create defined areas that give more control within the empty black space and which articulate the created environment.

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