New Species (Black Powder Stain & The Oil Humphead)

New Species (Black Powder Stain & The Oil Humphead) is part of the New Species collection by Francisco Telleria, which depicts a tragic disruption of the natural ecosystem. New Species is an artistic contribution aimed at raising awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans, depicting the negative effects of plastic waste on marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

The piece features the Black Powder Stain & The Oil Humphead fish swimming amongst sea anemones, carrying harmful contaminants that threaten the anemones' existence.

The presence of plastic microfibers further exacerbates the issue, with healthy sea anemones ingesting these fibers, which become a chronic condition of their existence. As the fish swim across their healthy anemones, they release microplastics and plastic microfibers that are carried around the ocean by currents. Over time, these microfibers combine with other microorganisms and fish, creating fluorescent colors that may appear beautiful but actually multiply the damage to the anemones and increase the risk of bleaching.

Recent studies show that when coral reefs are bleached due to hot ocean temperatures, the organisms are more likely to eat and retain plastic microfibers. This highlights the multiplying effect of global warming and ocean pollution, which not only add together but also exacerbate each other. Telleria's artwork brings attention to the urgent need to address plastic pollution and its impact on marine ecosystems. It serves as a poignant reminder that we need to take action to protect the delicate balance of our oceans and preserve their biodiversity.


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