Supersymmetry 1.2

Supersymmetry is a 3D audio-visual collection designed as a sequel to its predecessor Mood e·lev·en and as a part of one the moods created in this series titled WEIGHT.

Supersymmetry invites the viewer inside an imaginative universe, with an aesthetics approach to games and the relationship between universal forces such as the electromagnetic force, the gravitational force, and classes of particles with their different masses. These particles spin at different velocities, which are dictated by the sound signal they represent within the music. These forces recreate internal circular gravity, which reacts immediately to the sound at very high energies, attracting the suspended array of rocks from the sand pool. The original music piece composed by the artist and its soundscape drive the movement of the different particles and represent each instrument within the the sound sculpture.

The Supersymmetry collection is an attempt to explore emotions derived from the viewer's perspective and how they are affected by their perception of the virtual space, music and soundscape. The project is inspired by the Supersymmetry framework that builds upon the Standard Model of particle physics. As the theory suggests: Supersymmetry particles are based on a property known as spin and predict a partner particle for each particle in the Standard Model, to help explain why particles have mass.


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