Fuz Eller

Peterborough, NH
Fuz Eller is a multimedia artist who blends sound and visual art to create captivating experiences. With a keen understanding of the technical aspects of sound and radio frequencies, Fuz has dedicated his artistic journey to unveiling the beauty hidden within these intangible realms. Motivated by a unique perspective influenced by synesthesia, Fuz explores the intricate relationship between technical observation and our perception of frequencies. He invites viewers to embark on a subtle exploration, connecting us to the often unnoticed sounds and other spectra that shape our world. Using a combination of still and video art, Fuz offers a fresh context for something we often take for granted. He invites us to pause, reflect, and appreciate the subtle dimensions that these omnipresent signals possess, regardless of how we individually experience them. Fuz Eller's artistic vision is a gentle and nuanced invitation to engage with the unseen and recognize the profound impact of sound and other frequencies on our daily lives. Discover the captivating allure of his artwork as he intertwines the realms of sight and sound, allowing us to perceive the intricate beauty that lies within the invisible currents that surround us.