Gabriella Conti

Paris, Île-de-France, France
After the School of Fine Arts, she became an artist professional painter for 20 years, she painted on canvas with oil and sells thousands of paintings in French gallery in Paris. Now she devotes herself to paint on touch screen iPad. Each creation is a pull-out colors, looking for that moment when the merger explodes and gives rise to feelings. [Mayflower] is a series of graphic pictures on the colors white and intimate nuances, each pixel as a cell should live in harmony with each other without losing its identity. The strength comes from the thousands of lines that form and highlight the matter. Different solids are juxtaposed, between limp-looking fusion of compression. "The time it takes to be perceptible pourqu'il time depends on the hardness of life and force it to separate the unforgettable moments forgotten." Combine historical facts with environmental politics without claiming a contradictory finding rational explanation analysis. A painting, cohesion, building a base, a figurative habitat in search of an overhaul of the figuration to abstraction through the lines of femininity, purity, male pigments, blur, velvet details shrouded in history.