Russian digital culture editor and founder of Designcollector Network, Arseny Vesnin (b.1981) has been exploring and curating the very best of visual media arts and design since 2003. Being a pioneer of blogging and digital curating Arseny quickly absorbs new trends and time to time works on his own experiments. The recent condition of our cluttered digital era, awareness of a data fragility (that can be lost in a matter of a second in case of outages or other cases) political and digital frauds and even digital wars, thus everything shows a new side of our life. The life which is totally rely on digital everything. Arseny believes that any physical or digital glitch can lead to the chain of reactions in every aspects of human being. He is trying to express the topic through the glitch art, the new visual language aimed to aware us about the responsibilities we should take to keep the planet and our society alive. Guest Curator at Sedition, follow on:

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