Hierarchy of Concealment

The individual works from Georg Jagunov’s series Hierarchy of Concealment appear as isolated moving images which emerge from, or are consumed by, darkness. The works recall two significant episodes from his life. In the first, the artist found himself deep in the inner belly of the Dolomite caves in Italy with a flashlight. In the second, he stood on the rooftop of the Mori Museum in Tokyo, from where he saw a vast cityscape of lights illuminating a structure akin to an outstretched dinosaur. These events impressed upon the artist the resonant similarities and inscrutable differences between contrasting compositions of light and darkness, illumination and obfuscation. Constructed from hundreds of photographs and video fragments, the works in the collection explore and express Jagunov’s dual experiences of isolation and inspiration. Through the darkness comes points of illumination which suggest limitless possibility; from what seems like nothing, a powerful source of energy emerges.

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