Georg Jagunov (b.1984) was born in Russia, brought up in Belarus and moved to Denmark in 1998. Jagunov’s work shifts between digital collage, animation, projection mapping and installation art. Jagunov’s favourite pastime as a child was to play Indians. As he fondly recalls: “I would move through the forest alone. Alert and silent. Searching for traces. Traces of the unknown and of the unseen. In a way much of my art evolves from that same game, but at a different level.”

Jagunov's sources of inspiration borrow from biology, prehistory, science fiction, architecture and mythology. He works with sound designers, scientists and technicians to weave his environments and create immersive installations. Living and working in Copenhagen since 1998, Jagunov graduated from The Danish Royal Art Academy in 2011 (MA in Media Art), and has also studied at the Brera Art Academy, Milan in 2007-08. Georg Jagunov's work has been exhibited globally, most recently in Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Japan and Russia.


2022 Memoirs of the Abyss: Liquid Ground, curated by Malou Solfjeld, Koncertkirken Copenhagen, Denmark
2022 Martha’s Hidden Garden, site specific installations at Liselund Slotspark Møn, Denmark
2022 Institute of Coexistence, spatial biotope installation at WAM Turku Art Museum Turku, Finland
2022 Geosanctuary: 02, spatial biotope installation and performance at Art Beyond Space Zurich, Switzerland
2022 Performing Landscapes, 10 day workshop by Metropolis festival as part of their Performing Landscapes 2023 programme Copenhagen, Denmark
2021 Walking Landscapes, 12-hour performative walk as part of Metropolis festival Møn, Denmark
2021 Embryo Core: Excavating a Coded Future, solo exhibition at Augustiana Kunsthal & Kunstpark, Als Augustenborg, Denmark
2020 Yica Art Week 2020 Yamaguchi, Japan
2020 Wa(l)king Copenhagen, 12 hour non-stop performative walk, Metropolis Festival Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 Unexpected Encounters-Alternative Futures, group show at Den Frie Art Centre Copenhagen, Denmark

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