Allegro Vivace

In 2000 Gerhard Mantz started a series of generative art: the „Infinite Image Productions“."Allegro Vivace" belongs to that series.
The video was generated by a computer program.
In general a computer program is expected to work logically and to produce predictable results.
The series‘ programs use controlled commands, but beyond that they open windows to the unpredictable. They are scripted to provide possibilities and liberties for artworks to arise.
Mantz‘ starting point was the question, what happens in the studio of an abstract painter? There is a vocabulary of forms and colors and a vocabulary of instructions and rules an artist follows. He translated these procedures into programming language.
Infinite Image Productions is a scenario simulating the artistic image production and shows how spontaneous decisions within the framework of a systematic structure leads to artworks.
Allegro Vivace is a video produced by a program scripted by Gerhard Mantz.

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Allegro Vivaceby Gerhard Mantz
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Allegro Vivace
Gerhard Mantz
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February 24, 2018
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