Pretty In Ink 3

he project is pretty in ink, calling viewers in a number of ways and stages in which I have perfected the project through a thought in which the visitor has the ability to stop and study the digitization process of the ink material, from the stage where the digital printer uses the ink in the most homely way through newspapers and huge signs, , And this is the one that allows for an initial form of color and design choice, in this initial project in obsessive experiments in order to check the printer's ink limit.
When you print the same page repeatedly, you discover a new image in which the ink is smeared.
In doing so, the cleaning process of the image is embedded in itself because the ink no longer produces the original image, but a new snapshot.
Later on, I transferred the images that underwent a long process of printing a digital process of scanning in several layers, creating a digital process in which the scan creates something new.
I copied the digital layers and printed them back to the original with ink,
The next stage I transferred to the world of animation in which I created the decomposition and assembly of all the materials I used with the process of digital animive turned to video, and while the basis of the video based on the imaginations in general, created a new layer of particles, living on their own and producing a question of what the form of life Next to the same particles, just like in a petri dish in a laboratory, and they produce an animation work


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