Gil has been researching the connection between sound and image for several years. In his first solo exhibition at the Cuckoo's Nest, Jaffa - Tel Aviv, he presents a laboratory and a final product that deomnstrats the collection of visual images of sound vibrations at various levels and statuses translated into a unique and authentic video image.

The sound is used as a hidden background layer when it is not heard but only seen.
Alongside a projection of a video-visual loop, the central video work - the image of the spinning wheel, a ticking clock or the solar system - is a product of earthquake sound from different countries and periods.

Similar to various phenomena related to the Earth like gravity, there is the scientific explanation of its occurrence but we do not have the ability to interfere in the process, so is the visual product of the video that deals with the sound of earthquakes (since there is no ability to prevent the vibrations of nature). Also as a way of thinking how the physical movement of one continent can change the world order.

The sound waves have a clean and complete visual appearance with small disturbances that violate both order and completeness.

The exhibition is a peek into the continuation of a fascinating study between sound waves, video and imag


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