Particle Man

This is an experimental digital work created using programming code to simulate mathematical and scientific models of particle collisions to create 3D sculptural forms.

Thousands of particles are released from a source in 3D space in close proximity to an invisible geometric shape of a human head.  Using newtonian physics to calculate the force, acceleration and mass of each particle - the software code simulates the trajectory and collisions of each particle.  The human head then starts to fill up with particles that collect inside and reveal the head shape with the various densities of particles.  Many particles also ‘miss’ and fall out into space around the head.

This is what I would call ‘emergent art’, in that I have no preconceptions of the final result, but rather rely on the unexpected results of a complicated simulation system using natural forces to create the final piece.

In this work, the artist wanted to express something ultimate and universal about humanity, science, the mind and the cosmos, expressed in a literal sense by particles, and metaphorically through the figurative.

Particle Man is also an animation currently shortlisted for The Lumen Prize, and featured in In\Formation, a 3D 360 degree stereoscopic virtual reality documentary being released soon.
The Lumen Prize

You can view the animation directly here on Vimeo.
Particle Man


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