Absence of Freedom

The Dove Series of works delves into the complex realities of our contemporary world, exploring themes of conflicts, terrorism, unfreedom, loveless relationships, and the unyielding grip of power. Through this series, I aim to shed light on the multifaceted layers of human existence, inviting viewers to contemplate the challenges and struggles that define our times.

Each piece within the Dove Series encapsulates a distinct aspect of our tumultuous world. The artwork serves as a visual narrative, capturing the essence of conflicts that plague our societies - be it ideological, political, or social. It delves into the dark depths of terrorism, unmasking the destructive forces that threaten peace and stability.

Furthermore, the series delves into the concept of unfreedom, exploring the various ways in which individuals can find themselves bound by societal expectations, oppressive systems, and personal circumstances. It highlights the yearning for liberation and the pursuit of freedom that remains intrinsic to the human spirit.

Love, or the lack thereof, is another central theme within the Dove Series. It examines the complexities of human relationships, exposing the absence of love, compassion, and empathy that often permeate our world. The artwork prompts introspection on the consequences of loveless connections and the impact they have on individuals and society as a whole.


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