Cognition Libido

Inherent sexual desire is a common phenomena of the universal - whether it is male or female. This is what I exposed in this work of Art. I believe the time of the creation of life is absolute. The symbol used in this work is taken from Heart Chakra (Yoga) and the vibrant colors from Indian Tantric Art, the philosophical term (Libido) from Sigmund Freud.

Permanent Art Collection:
Limited Edition Digital Print on Canvas (1/7) Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, USA.
Exhibited Galleries:
2010 "Nature & Nurture”, The Kinsey Institute Art Gallery, USA.
2009 Art Exhibition, ISE Cultural Foundation NY, USA.
NeoPopRealism Starz: 21st Century Art' Vol 2
Artist Exposed - R.Gopakumar
MOCA: Museum of Computer Art

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Cognition Libidoby R. Gopakumar

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