Cognition Libido

In this thought-provoking artwork, the artist delves into the complex and universal phenomenon of inherent sexual desire that transcends gender boundaries. By exploring the intersection of human sexuality, spirituality, and psychology, the artwork seeks to expose and examine the primal and innate nature of this fundamental aspect of human existence.

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, the artist incorporates elements from various disciplines to enrich the artwork's narrative. The symbol of the Heart Chakra in Yoga, with its profound connection to emotions and love, serves as a visual representation of the underlying energy and intensity of sexual desire. Vibrant colors borrowed from Indian Tantric Art further enhance the artwork, evoking a sense of vitality, passion, and sensuality.

In addition, the artist references the philosophical term "Libido" coined by Sigmund Freud, which explores the psychosexual energy that drives human behavior. By incorporating this concept, the artwork invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between biology, psychology, and desire, offering a multifaceted exploration of the complexities of human sexuality.

This work of art serves as a provocative and introspective exploration of the universal nature of sexual desire, challenging societal norms and inviting contemplation on the powerful force that drives the creation of life.

Exhibited and Collected: The Kinsey Institute Art Gallery, USA; ISE Cultural Foundation NY, USA.


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