Echoes of Vanishing

In the midst of the stillness that surrounds us, a growing concern emerges as we witness the vanishing of many people day by day. This disquietude has become the driving force behind my artworks, which delve into the profound effects of the pandemic on human health conditions. Through my creations, I aim to shed light on this worrisome reality and invite contemplation on the lasting impact of the post-pandemic era.

The artworks I have crafted serve as visual narratives, capturing the somber essence of the aftermath. They depict the struggles, uncertainties, and losses experienced by young individuals who have been deeply affected by the pandemic's toll on their health. Through symbolism and metaphor, I seek to convey the profound emotional and physical toll that this crisis has inflicted upon them.

My intention is not merely to portray despair, but also to ignite empathy and understanding. By bringing attention to the vanishing generation, I hope to spark conversations and actions that address the underlying factors contributing to their predicament. The stillness within the artworks represents the collective pause, urging us to reflect on the importance of safeguarding the well-being of our generations.


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