Manifest Destinies

"Manifest Destinies" is a mesmerizing digital artwork that draws inspiration from Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poignant poem, "Are There Not Still Fireflies." This captivating piece has been exhibited at prestigious venues, including Beausoleil Cyberespace in France and Arte Città Amica in Torino, Italy, both in 2012. These exhibitions provided a platform for viewers to delve into the artwork's profound themes and engage with its thought-provoking visual narrative.

The artist actively collaborates with Immagine & Poesia, an esteemed artistic literary movement founded in Torino, Italy, in 2007 under the patronage of Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan Thomas. This movement embraces artists, poets, and music composers who seek to explore the boundaries of creativity through moments of cross-fertilization. By fostering collaboration and experimentation across artistic disciplines, the movement aims to ignite new perspectives and inspire innovative artistic expressions.

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