The Mindscape

Through this captivating series of works, the artist embarks on a profound exploration of the human condition, delving beyond surface-level expressions to uncover the rich tapestry of the inner soul. These artworks seek to capture not only the outward manifestations but also the deepest thoughts, emotions, and ambiance that resonate with a wide spectrum of individuals. The enigmatic and ever-present realm of the mind, with its thoughts and feelings, remains unconquered, lying in mystery and perpetually restless.

In this silent movie, the absence of traditional sound is intentional. Instead, the artist invites viewers to immerse themselves in the surrounding environment, allowing the ambient sounds to serve as the background music, enhancing the overall sensory experience of the movie. By doing so, the artist aims to create a unique and immersive cinematic journey that invites contemplation, introspection, and a deeper connection with the inner essence of humanity.

Exhibited in Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2015.


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