Unhealed Wounds-1

The art and culture in this era of post-times, describe the kinds of hybrid nature of art. The hybrid or mixing cultural forms developed in the regions where the local identities seek definition against or in dialogue with western hegemonic cultures. This ‘terror' cannot merely understand within the frame of political terrorist actions, but other types include psychic, criminal, and religious too. A negativity bias formed of an intellectual psychological warfare is widely carried out in our day today life. That is very silent and invisible. The immanent sublime (unpresentable) represented by the artists' draws a dialogue on the impact of such terror which include disappearance, displacement, misplacement, extinction, consumerism, transgendering, migration, ambiguity etc. and makes alert.
Seethal C.P.

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Unhealed Wounds-1by Gopakumar R. P.
X of 100
Unhealed Wounds-1
Gopakumar R. P.
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February 21, 2018
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