Hi! My name is Grace Redman. I was born in China, but after being adopted moved to the US, and continued to move throughout my childhood. I actually have lived in every geographical region in the United States, but most recently California. I’m currently a junior in NYU Tisch’s Interactive Media Arts program. I started painting and drawing young and pursued this passion throughout high school, exhibiting and selling my paintings in a few local shows. I even started a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing my art and helping others learn. In college I learned to create with a variety of mediums, ranging from Arduinos and breadboards, to AfterEffects and AR. I like to explore the relationship between humans, technology and pop culture in my artwork, but none of the mediums I had learned so far felt right. During Professor Snow Yunxue Fu’s class I fell in love with 3D modeling and animation in Maya. I love the freedom from technical limitations Maya gives me, allowing me to create unique and reality defying worlds and narratives. This piece, “nuclear” explores a mother/daughter relationship through a technological stand in- an Alexa like AI device. As technology advances and smart home devices become more prevalent, “nuclear” aims illustrate that human needs and desires remain human. Website https://graceredman.wixsite.com/uiuxportfolio