Light Play

Light Play is an abstract moving image by Guli Silberstein released a part of In-formations collection.

In-formations collection is a homage to the tradition of abstract art. The artworks are empowered by futuristic image generation technology, delving into deep visual patterns of mind and machine. The moving paintings playfully collaborate with newly available AI systems to produce a series of abstract and semi-abstract animations; existing between perception and technology, zooming into infinite visual substance, and seeking new shapes, colours and forms. The images were created from prompts of text and animation, fed into the AI machine by the human artist who chose specific outputs, edited, treated and refined them digitally.

"The idea for the collection came from my long research into achieving unique moving forms that also echo my inner and outer world. Working intensely with AI in the last two years, witnessing its rapid evolution both in technology and artists' usage, led me to go for the deepest layers of this new aesthetics. So I thought that it makes sense to escape figuritism which looks like illustrations and try to achieve more 'pure' visuals. I'm very much inspired by old masters' paintings, Impressionist and Modern artists. It's an interest that started a few years ago and keeps growing and having an effect on my work.

But then also, seeing the huge amount of images, opinions, fake news, arguments and chaos going on in the world, I felt it's right to come back in my work to more raw imagery. And it's especially intriguing seeing these visual streams flowing out from a computer mind, reflecting back everything it has learned about us humans in an inconcrete form open for interpretation, and thus hopefully creating a reflection and thought within ourselves."

- Guli Silberstein

All works are vertical, 3200X4736 pixels, 60 FPS, 1 minute long, silent.

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