Chicago -> New York -> Los Angeles and beyond... Obsessive creative. Hassan's artistic practice centers around what he broadly defines as an eclectic "Post Hip-hop" contemporary aesthetic that is concerned with promoting kinetic intelligence and designing movement propaganda for positive social and meaningful interpersonal disruptions. Combining a wry sense of humor, existential romanticism and mercurial intellect his work explores an exhaustive pallet of choreographic concepts across 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional canvases that span from digital to non-traditional real world spaces. His art investigates visual broadcast of the bodies proprioceptive sense and expressive architecture as well as the intangible energetics of movement in human, animal and conceptual forms. Hassan received the first ever Lester Horton Innovator award for his cross-disciplinary choreographic approach in addition to an NAACP award and numerous nominations for outstanding stage work. Today, he creates new works at a furious pace of fits and starts, teaches dance and maintains an active personal movement practice that spans from B-boyism to contact improvisation grounded in the meaningless study of cats.