Cascade #6

The Expedition is Heleen Blanken's first digital collection that is made up of six video works, exclusively selected for Sedition. The series presents unique audio-visual habitats each accompanied by its soundscape. Each digital world offers a visual exploration, reflecting on nature. The works in the collection are uniquely created landscapes, seemingly recognisable with a circular experience of time. Breaking free from time and space, there's no beginning and no end. The sound is a layered composition consisting of distorted natural field recordings.

The Expedition stems from Heleen Blanken’s data-driven installation HABITAT that was presented for the first time in the Nxt Museum Amsterdam. In HABITAT, 3D scans of organic specimens such as stones, corals, and fossils from the biodiversity center Naturalis are transformed into a game-like meditative environment. The costum-build software is created by Nap Labs. The project considers the interaction between humanity and nature and reflects on the idea of the hidden depths of our impact on nature.

"The environmental crisis and the destruction of habitats force us to imagine a future in which nature can be remembered in digital form. Natural history museums aim to preserve nature physically by fixing it in time and space. How might the archiving of nature evolve in a digital context - could digitalization bring us even closer to nature?"

- Heleen Blanken
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