Curated Artist Guide

Sedition launches many new curated artists a year and there are numerous different avenues towards becoming a curated artist on Sedition. 

Artists can and frequently do reach out to us, present their work and express interest to join Sedition. In that case, we happily take the works and our curatorial team gathers to review the work and any submissions for the Curated Platform. Feel free to reach out yourself by emailing us at, in your message please outline your accomplishments, show us your works and give links to your social media - we’re always happy to receive proposals or to reach out and chase them ourselves. 

Alternatively, Sedition often proactively reaches out to artists that we admire or whom we meet in the wider world. If we go to an exhibition, a museum show or some display of works and there’s an artist whose work we love and they’re not on the site, then we’ll reach out and invite them. 

Last but not least, Open Platform artists can also be invited across to Curated. The Sedition team monitors the Open Platform very carefully and regularly invites artists from Open Platform across to the Curated one - sometimes depending on the audience that they’ve gathered, sometimes depending on the sales that they’ve generated, sometimes depending just on how much we like the work.

To sum up, there’s no single formal process, we at Sedition are very ad-hoc, very approachable, very friendly and we’re all very passionate about art :)

No, if you’re a curated artist on Sedition, Sedition’s artist liaison team will do everything for you. 

The artist liaison team will help edit, polish and present your biography as well as the description of the artworks. We’ll choose the price and the edition size in collaboration and conversation with you and then we’ll discuss exactly how and when the launch should take place and who to invite to that launch. 

All you need to do as a curated artist is to sign the artist agreement, deliver the artwork files and your preferred titles and give us as much information as possible about yourself and your works so that we can present your profile to the public in the best possible way.

Sedition discusses pricing and edition sizes with each artist and decides on them in collaboration and conversation with the artist. 

Having created the universe in which these artworks sit, the Sedition team has a good 12 years of history of price points and different artworks to rely upon - making it possible for us to guide you as to where you would sit in this universe. 

That being said, it’s a blank sheet, pricing can be done in any way that you want, just like in the physical domain.

There is no easy answer to this question, the range of earnings on the site is extremely wide. 

On one hand, your earnings will depend on your reputation, your profile and price points in the physical or digital world before you joined Sedition. On the other hand, it will depend on the quality and the style of the artworks that you present and how popular they are with the audience. Lastly, it will also depend on how well you and the Sedition team succeed in marketing and promoting the works. 

Sedition considers itself to be a collaborative team with all of the artists on our platform and we are happy to offer advice and support and set up individual projects to help boost artists’ reputation. We also know that artists who have been on Sedition longer tend to be requested more for licensing, thus increasing their revenue. Building up reliable and stable revenue streams takes time, but with Sedition you have numerous different avenues to earn money and build an audience.

So the range of earnings in the digital domain is extremely wide - from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands - much like the physical world. Sedition is committed to supporting our artists and creators and we are always happy to offer advice or guidance to any of the Sedition community.

The Sedition team will decide the launch date together with you, the artist. 

We’re going to let you know what dates are available and also discuss whether there are any useful physical world dates that may be practical to align with - eg - if you’re doing an exhibition or a display elsewhere.

There’s so many that it’s hard to list them all, but here are some of the most important ones:

  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Community events and meetups (both virtual and physical)
  • Artist interviews 
  • Direct advertising 
  • Occasional physical events, exhibitions and displays

And everything else you can think of to present you to our audience!

Kill a fatted calf, knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder and pray ;-). In all seriousness though, one of Sedition’s great strengths is the ability to boost and add a voice to all things digital and anything happening within the virtual sphere. 

We do recommend you to amplify the launch to your own community by posting on social media and by tagging Sedition on Twitter and Instagram. In addition, we encourage you to join our Discord server and communicate and engage with Sedition’s collectors directly.

Sedition also regularly hosts Instagram and Twitter AMAs with artists in which artists get to meet and talk with the audience and vice versa - if that is something of interest, do let your artist liaison know. We’re also happy to promote and boost other events both online and offline for any artist that we’re working with.

It’s up to you :) 

However, we do recommend regular launches as it helps keep you in the forefront of the audience’s mind and keep the Sedition collectors up to date on what’s happening with your practice. 

Keep us posted on new things you’re doing, as we’re happy to amplify them in our newsletter and on social media. You can let your artist liaison contact know about these. 

Engage with Sedition’s community on Twitter, Instagram and Discord by commenting, posting, liking and resharing Sedition’s content. 

Work on new things to put onto Sedition to further boost your revenue streams and collector base.