Sedition is a platform to enjoy, collect, trade, share and display art by the world’s leading contemporary artists. The artworks are digital, and not physical in nature. They exist for screens and devices.

You can learn more about Sedition by visiting the How It Works Page

Sedition sells contemporary art in digital format.

Most artworks on Sedition are digital limited editions, although there are some unique pieces also. These artworks are meant to be enjoyed on digital displays and devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs, projectors, LED screens etc etc. Think of art available on Sedition as an art collection available on all your screens and a collection that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

We sell art by the world's leading contemporary artists.

Sedition aims to present the best of the contemporary art landscape - the various forms and types of art are numerous and constantly growing. Sedition offers the collector access to the most exciting and newest developments of art - literally the Monets and Picassos of today’s generation.

Would you like to learn more about the art available on Sedition and a bit about its history? Then join our Director Rory Blain as he walks you through it:

Each limited edition has a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and the Director of Sedition and a secure record to verify the artwork is authentic. Upon purchase of a piece of art, the artwork is registered to a collector's account, a central records database and is traceable through image identification technology.

Sedition’s long-term goal is to decentralise the artworks ownership ledger by utilising blockchain technology, which provides for a transparent and decentralised way to track ownership. Sedition has started to utilise blockchain technology step-by-step as of the summer of 2022. To learn more about Sedition NFTs, visit out NFT section.

You get a numbered limited edition in digital format (or a unique artwork if that is the format available) with a unique certificate of authenticity and online storage where your artwork and certificate are held.

Sedition’s artworks are meant to be enjoyed in digital format :)

Printing would not do justice to most artworks on Sedition! The best experience on Sedition comes from viewing the works as the artists intended - digitally.

We do not currently offer the functionality to allow you to download or print your Certificate of Authenticity, however, not to worry - you can view your certificates at any time in your secure vault.

Yes, of course. You can purchase as many editions as you wish.

Obviously, the maximum number of editions you can buy is the number of available editions for a particular artwork.

Yes they can! Unless you choose to set your profile as ‘private’.

After you have purchased an edition, you appear as a collector on the artwork’s page. Other members can see your collection by browsing to your profile. However, if you wish, you can make your profile private in your member settings. In that case, your profile will not be indexed by search engines either.

You have several options.

You can keep the artwork as a memory of earlier days, or gift the artwork to another collector, friend or a family member. Alternatively if the edition has sold out, it can be resold on the secondary market on our Trade platform. Keep it, give it, or sell it - the world is your oyster!

Art Stream is Sedition’s subscription service. Art Stream is aimed at people who want to pay a small fee and enjoy everything. In addition, Art Stream grants you a 10% discount on any purchase on the site.

To learn more about Art Stream, visit the Art Stream page and view the video where our Director tells you more about Art Stream. In addition, you can browse through the Art Stream section of the Learn More center.

Sedition was first conceived of and later founded in 2011 by Harry Blain, a British arts dealer and founder of numerous contemporary art galleries across the world. Sedition is headed by Rory Blain, Harry's brother, who worked alongside him in some of the world's leading contemporary art galleries - Haunch of Venison, Blains Fine Art, and Blain Southern.

You can learn more about Rory Blain and the founding idea of Sedition from this article.

In addition to Rory Blain, Sedition's Director, there are two major teams at Sedition - the front office and the back office. The front office is responsible for all outward facing Sedition communication, such as artist liaison, marketing, partnerships and community management. The back office is responsible for the technical development of the product in line with the business goals.

You can learn more about several members of Sedition's team from our Medium blog posts:

Rory Blain, Director

Bolim Jeon, Marketing and Business Development Officer

Yonca Keremoğlu, Marketing and Business Development Officer

Vladislav Alimpiev, Community Manager

You can wire several million into our personal bank accounts :)

Alternatively we can be found at any of the numerous arts and blockchain events and exhibitions we’re involved with each year. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and join our Discord server for up-to-date news.