Did you receive a gift on Sedition?

Sedition is a platform to enjoy, collect, trade, share and display art by the world’s leading contemporary artists. The artworks are digital, and not physical in nature. They exist for screens and devices.

You can learn more about Sedition by visiting the How It Works Page.

The artworks on Sedition are digital, they are not physical in nature. They’re meant to be enjoyed on screens.

We offer a wide suite of apps to enjoy the artworks, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, LG Smart TV, and we're constantly building and introducing new apps - Samsung Smart TV app, Roku app, Amazon Fire apps are all on their way!

It’s easy, just follow the prompts in the email you got with an artwork gift and set up your account if you don’t have one yet! The artwork will appear automatically in your Vault. 

When you’re gifted an artwork, it means that you receive a limited edition digital artwork to enjoy on any screen. Every artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity including the edition number and the artist signature. Last but not least, you get free online storage for your artwork. 

Enjoy your brand new artwork! :)

It’s easy, just follow the prompts in the email you got with an Art Stream gift voucher and set up your account if you don’t have one yet!

Once you’re set up, your Art Stream subscription will be activated automatically.

With Art Stream subscription you get access to everything! 

Yes, everything - you can enjoy the entire collection of art on Sedition’s platform - every edition that has not yet sold out is available on subscription. You can subscribe to our curated playlists or you can curate your own playlists to match every mood, setting or aesthetic preference that you may have. Play artworks on a multitude of devices through the suite of apps we created - iOS app, Android app, Google Chromecast app, Apple TV app, LG Smart TV app - with many others on the way!

Learn more about Art Stream here!

Click ‘Claim Your Gift Now’ in the email you received and then either sign in or create a new account to become a Sedition member. You now have access to discover and buy exclusive digital art from Sedition. 

Just click on “Artworks” or “Artists” at the top of the page and browse by category - we have something to suit every taste! Click on the artwork for a preview and more information. Once you have made the choice, just click ‘Buy’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

To apply the gift credit you’ve received, simply click the “Use Credit” button during checkout. 

Easy - you don’t need to do anything! 

Once you follow the link in the email you received when you got a gift voucher, your gift credits are automatically added to your Sedition account. You can then use them at checkout by clicking the “Use Credit” button during checkout.

No, it is not possible to withdraw or transfer gift credit to a bank account. 

Sedition gift credit can only be used on Sedition’s platform! :)

Yes, you have 7 days to exchange any artworks you have been gifted. 

A balance payment will be required if the new artwork is of higher value than the original artwork. If the value of the new gift is lower, your Sedition account will be credited with the remaining balance for future use.

Please email support@seditionart.com to request the change.

You have several options.

You can keep the artwork as a memory of earlier days, or gift the artwork to another collector, friend or a family member. Alternatively if the edition has sold out, it can be resold on the secondary market on our Trade platform.

Keep it, give it, or sell it - the world is your oyster!

Great to hear you've been enjoying Art Stream!

If your Art Stream subscription is expiring but you would like to continue, you will need to let your current gifted subscription end and then visit the Art Stream page and purchase the subscription again - you will have an option to buy either a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription.