Public Displays

Yes, you can.

However the prices listed on the site are for private collectors only - for public usage you will require a PDL - a public display license. We’d be delighted to help you in setting up your display - contact us here!

Learn about public art displays with Sedition with our Director Rory Blain here:

No, unless you have arranged a PDL (Public Display License) through us, then buying an edition of an artwork from Sedition’s website does not give you public display rights.

Public displays are always a bespoke arrangement between Sedition, the display partner and the artist, and are subject to different pricing than shown on the website.

No, subscribing to Art Stream does not give you public display rights.

Public displays are always a bespoke arrangement and are subject to different pricing. 

It is currently not possible to license Art Stream for a public display usage, however, we intend to launch a corporate version of Art Stream that will include the licenses for display in the yearly or monthly fee. More announcements coming soon.

A public display license is a document granting permissions and display rights and outlining the terms of the agreement - such as fee, duration, location and content of artists and works. PDLs are issued to display an artwork from Sedition in a public space or an exhibition. 

Any public display of an artwork requires a license from Sedition, which gives you the rights to present the work and provides protection for the use of the work.

Public Display Licenses are subject to a fee that is negotiated on a case by case basis for each client in collaboration with the selected artists.

The fees vary widely depending upon a range of criteria.

Costs vary depending on the profile of the artist, the number of artworks, the location and method of display (whether the display is semi-public - such as a hotel room or an office lobby, or fully public - such as a screen facing the street or an artwork digitally mapped over a building) the audience, publicity and use of the work. 

Licenses are given for a set duration of time, displays can be completely bespoke and crafted for any duration and/or viewing requirements.

Museums and nonprofits receive preferential pricing.

A Public Display license can be issued for any period of time - an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or even longer!

Longer displays tend to provide better value for money.

Yes, it is possible to buy a lifetime license, fees to display artworks in perpetuity can be discussed and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Normally, no.

However, it can be negotiated individually to test the suitability of the artworks in your space for a short period of time.

As quickly as you want! 

We’re very approachable, agile and fast. 

Once you send us your enquiry, we would normally schedule a call with you at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs in more detail. Within a couple of days, we will send you a customized deck of artworks to suit your needs and your budget. We can also provide you several options at various price points. After you accept the proposal, sign the agreement and execute the payment, we will deliver you the artworks and the display can start as soon as possible. It typically takes us only a couple of days to prepare and deliver the artwork files once the agreement is signed. 

So in summary, the whole process from start to finish can take as little as a couple of days - and you’re ready to display! Normally you’d need around a week.

The process is a piece of cake!

  • Send us your initial enquiry here
  • Sedition team will schedule a call with you to discuss your needs
  • We will send you a customized offer according to your specifications and a deck of works for display
  • If you’re happy with our offer, we will send you a contract for review and signing
  • After the contract is signed, we will issue an invoice
  • Upon receipt of the payment, we will issue you a license and give you the works for display
  • Voilà - your public display starts!

Yes. Well, to be completely honest, almost.

There are unique pieces that may not be possible to license, but almost every other work is available for licensing. 

Please further note that in case of street-facing displays we always obtain the artist’s permission before the commencement of the display - while no artist has ever declined to do it, we find it essential to give them an option to curate their presence in the world and let them have an option to refuse working with a company that may not be aligned with their values.

Yes it is and this is what we often do with our display partners. For a paid display we prefer not to make the clients subject to the vagaries of their internet connection.

When the agreement is signed, we customise the files for your display and deliver them for use.

Yes absolutely! Sedition has facilitated many commissions. The benefit of this approach is that the artwork is exclusive to the commissioning party, and can become synonymous with the identity and the brand of the commissioner. Such works can be used for marketing and given out as gifts to employees, clients and VIPs. 

The price range for commissioned artworks is extremely wide and depends upon the complexity of the work, the rights to be included and the profile of the artist being commissioned. Commission prices start from five to ten thousand dollars for emerging artists and can go into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for some of the best known and celebrated artists in the world.

All artworks on Sedition are available in at least full HD, with the majority of artworks now available in 4K. The artworks we suggest for public displays are always in a quality suitable for a public display. 

For higher resolution works than 4K, we can discuss individually with the artists to create works or source other works not available on Sedition for the display to fit even larger screens.

It’s not the same thing. It’s not even in the same ballpark! Sedition allows you to create stunning displays and exhibitions or artworks from some of the most talented creators in the world today.

Sedition is a platform for contemporary art - we aim to present the entire landscape, from emerging artists just being discovered through to household names and the titans of the museum world.

There’s nothing wrong in stock videos and pleasant imagery - we love them! But this is not what Sedition is about - here you will find an entire universe of creative talent. Quite literally the Monets and Picassos of today’s generation! 

Displaying artworks from some of the world’s leading contemporary artists offers alignment with one of the most seductive and beguiling fields of human endeavour. Artworks can become indelibly associated with a brand or business. 

Sedition is able to curate a collection of artworks to fit any public setting and to create a particular mood or atmosphere. 

Do you have an event you want to enliven and bring excitement to? Select an art movement or an emotional theme for your display. 

Do you have a hotel and you’re looking for better art displays in the guest rooms? Curate stunning guest-room collections that will capture the imagination of your guests and make their stay more memorable. Change the art on display regularly with no extra purchases and no hanging of dusty old frames. Perhaps even give your guests an artwork at the end of their stay as a memento, a memorabilia of your hotel? 

Do you have a waiting room of a dental practice and you’re looking to relax your patients and distract more nervous patients from the harrowing sound of a dental drill? 

Do you have a lobby - an office building or similar? Perhaps a lawyer’s firm and you’re looking for a calming display for the soon-to-be divorcee to distract them from thoughts of facing their despicable spouse in a deposition, and instead make them think about all the money, cars and houses they’re going to get in a settlement? 

No worries, any of these or anything else - we got you covered!

Any public space is suitable for a public art display. Among others, we’ve done public displays in collaboration with: 

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Lobbies and waiting rooms
  • Professional conferences and other public events
  • Airports and other transportation hubs
  • Corporate collections
  • Property developers
  • Interior Designers
  • Museums

In addition to these, we have displayed art on:

  • Outward-facing LED screens. For instance, we’ve done a Tracey Emin takeover of Times Square. We’ve placed artworks on some of the largest LED screens in the world, throughout Asia, United States and Europe.
  • Skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. We’ve projected artworks on numerous skyscrapers and high rise buildings, in major cities all over the world.
  • Historic venues. We’ve projected an artwork on the facade of the Grand Palais in Paris. 

The list continues on and on - but these are some of the ones we’re most excited about. As you see, when it comes to reinvigorating public spaces, virtually any space can be beautified with a touch of art!

You can do it yourself. Or we can do it for you. If you are comfortable selecting art and artists then it’s great fun to explore the site and discover what is available to you. On the other hand if you need some professional or curatorial guidance - the Sedition team are delighted to help you! As always, with Sedition, the world is your oyster!

Having done countless public displays across the globe, our team does know which artworks are best for particular displays or to create the most engaging and impressive display for any occasion, theme or venue. We also know what to avoid when it comes to public displays. Stroboscopic works or content that could cause offence are obviously not suited to public display - we can smooth the process for you and avoid less effective choices.

So you can rely on our curatorial team to satisfy your wishes and needs, even if you’re the pickiest customer.

Great to hear you’re onboard! 

Head to our Public Displays landing page, hit the “Get in Touch” button, describe your needs and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible - you’ll be displaying art in no time!