Canadian artist Herman Kolgen is renowned for his multifaceted multimedia works that both celebrate sight and sound in form of the powerful synergy generated at the heart of the artist’s audiovisual works. Kolgen refers to himself as a “audiocinetic sculptor” who creates installations, video and film, performance and sound sculptures that are characterised by his “radiographic approach to neurosensory imprints and stimuli”.

The artist draws primarily on material from the intimate relationships between sound and image. “(Kolgen is inspired by) the internal intensity of sensitive reactions; (...) by this tension, as brutal as it is fragile, he constructs recurrent narrative fissions in which temporal friction constitutes the epicentre of his work.”

Kolgen has performed at prestigious international events such as Berlin’s Transmediale, Berlin, 2004; Venice Biennale, 2006; Austria’s Ars Electronica and MUTEK, Montreal, 2013. In addition, he is the recipient of numerous prizes including Qwartz, Ars Electronica, The Festival Nouveau Cinema Nouveaux Medias de Montreal, The Best Experimental Film Award from The Independent Film Festival of New York and Los Angeles, and the Prix du Conseil General from the Festival International Videoformes de Clermont-Ferrand.

Herman Kolgen lives and works in Montreal, Canada.