Red Spot

Red Spot is to see the world through an Imran Qureshi artwork, as part of a coloured canvas appears to have been momentarily held up to the tinted sky, for everything to bleed through, or - as is more likely - the panel or detail of a mural is actually laid out on the floor, with a puddle of water having collected on the uneven skin. As Red Spot unfolds so the reflection of the sky above becomes active, drawing our eye to the encircling birds that criss-cross the water, as though captured on the canvas. To the right of the soft spill is a detail of the outline of flowers and foliage that the artist applies as a signature to his works, as though in an attempt to hold his elastic colours in place. To see a Qureshi work is to see an abandon of paint reeled in by carefully crafted details, as the miniature controls the monumental.

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Red Spotby Imran Qureshi
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Red Spot
Imran Qureshi
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November 20, 2017
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