Transmorph Realities

When around us all manifests more unalterable, is perhaps
when more susceptible is the reality of being transformed into
something visually overwhelming and mutant.
Transmorph Realities audio-visual piece allude to this flow of
transformation from the real to the virtual and vice versa,
a way of catching the past so that the present settles on a complex
and exotic polyhedral entity. This imperceptible metamorphosis makes sure that nothing
remains immutable, that everything changes to reset and
readjust the awareness and imagination of the spectator-observer.
This work of video art not only seeks to open fissures in the human
perception, but also on the roughness of the screen, where the
phantasmagorical performance on the exaltation of the otherness
deploys a cartographic iconography representative of the untamed
and boundless beauty of bits and pixels.
Soundtrack: Iury Lech


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