Ivana Ivkovic

New York City

I am ready for you

digital pigment print
dimensions: 32x48cm
year: 2014
The monograph Picasso and Dora Maar: Touching with Looks is the inspiration for the newest body of prints by Ivana Ivkovic. The catalogue traces Dora Maar’s, born Henriette Théodora Markovitch in 1907, relationship with Picasso from 1935 to 1937. Her photographs, alongside Picasso's drawings, paintings, and poems, serve as a guide through the critical period in which these two figures influenced one another. Using this publication as a personal diary, Ivkovic superimposes text, drawings and intervenes over already existing photographs and illustrations. The artist demonstrates a skillful weaving of photographic documentation with her own narrative texts and personal iconography. The experiences of intimacy and its peculiar effects on the body and mind is a recurring theme and the artist feels comfortable being her own subject. Ivkovic’s artistic investigation is often rooted in the realm of geography, social and historic narrative yet always including a feminine perspective which is generally understood as perplexing and mysterious

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I am ready for youby Ivana Ivkovic

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