Ivana Ivkovic

New York City


With these works Ivana Ivkovic primarily focuses on the issue of male-female principle juxtaposing their diverse, often hard to realize, enigmatic projections. She uses entirely different documentary- emblematic and linguistic- visual properties of well-known persons ( Che Guevara, Basquiat ), fully questioning our idea about persistent models further more destroying standard sources and connects incompatible things. The dominant work consists from two woolen rugs in whose calm Persian motif is woven a drawing of two disturbing, huge, black eagles.
It is obvious that in this contrast of diametric differences- transferred drawing on the existing Eastern matrix which as a lite-motive accompanies the text line Since I met you I have no peace, dramatically developed the idea about differences between genders and the ruling prejudices, as well as the idea about searching for harmony and collective peace despite of everything.
as well as unclear interpretation of public-personal, domination of power and fragility of individual, common spots and personal autobiographic, global and local, archetypal and new, courageously noting the problems of her generation, but also the problems of the time in which an individual has difficulty of finding the true nature of people and essence of things, energetic balance, healthy and spontaneous communication, the fundaments in destroyed, undefined and too aggressive consumer alienation.
Text from Politika, art column of Ljiljana Cinkul


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