Lighting Tools: Device For Excavations

Ivaylo Hristov envisions a future where robotic machines will perform any activity previously unique to humans; this reality is already emerging. There will come a time when each tool will be more or less digitised and electronic, while increasingly, traditional and heavy working tools will become obsolete and will no longer be held in hands.

The Lighting Tools draws attention to primal simple tools by wrapping them partially in LEDs. While the lights turn the focus on to the tools, they simultaneously make them unusable by hindering their ability to carry out the tasks for which they are designed. The aim is to build a discourse connected to the concept of tools and equipment as a united instrumentarium.

Device For Excavations is one part of a series of tools created and fitted with lights; in this case a pick axe which is a working tool designed for use by human hands. Presented in a wooden box to frame the light, the tool becomes an object of obsolescence and beauty, and is liberated from its function through hard labour.

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Lighting Tools: Device For Excavationsby Ivaylo Hristov

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